maandag 21 januari 2008

Her new car

Last summer we had a '76 Thing.
It is a convertable and had loads of fun with it in the summer.
Because i needed the money for a other thing project on airride i sold it.

But she loves a convertible and so she wanted an other one.

Last year she also had a VW golf 1 convertable, but some deer in the middle of the night made her crash on the highway, so we bought the Vento instead.

But with a dead engine in the Vento she needed a new car to go to work.So you know what she wishes for, Yes another Golf 1.

Luckely someone wanted my '66 Sqaureback i had for sale, so we made a little trade.It's a nice one 1.8i. She loves it..

New Vento engine

We own a '96 VW Vento 1.8I.
Because of some engine problems(lost of compression of the 1st cilinder) i had to find myself a new engine.(no it was'nt the headgasket)
Thank god we have Marktplaats. found one on Thursday, brought it home on saterday.
140.000 Km for only 200 euro! It looks good and the price is not bad.
It's a engine from a automatic, but i think it's not going to be anyproblem
Now found time to put it in.
Ohh thanks B2 for a helping hand getting it..

dinsdag 15 januari 2008

do i need to say more??

'62 Cabrio resto

Way to much rust
Same here to much light thru the rear boot!
Left rear corner :-(

'62 Cabrio resto

How to remove the body from the chassis.
hang it on a the ceiling and then lower the carbridge

The chassis, much better than the body.
needs a new paint and some new floors.

Body back on the stand

I need to be on the bottom, so i have to find out a way to turn it around easely.

anyone an idea? lett me know

'62 Cabrio resto

All the loose parts
There used to be a floor there??
Made a crossmember for extra strenght in the body when removing it from the chassis

maandag 14 januari 2008

'62 Cabrio resto

Placed her inside.
I treated myself with a nice little carbridge
Man thats nice

This is what i found inside.

2 Keys,a snake skin, some nice rusted fuseboxes,

Oh ,and 3 dollar cents.I think i'm gone be ritch!!

dinsdag 8 januari 2008

'62 Cabrio Resto

Saterday i picked up a '62 convertable for a complete resto.
Need some new parts,some welding and a new paint job.
It looks good to me already!