zondag 17 februari 2008

Beams ready

A had to build a lowered beam with a foksy adjuster
So here it is, have fun with it Klaas "wat de pot" schaft!!
I also build a lowered split beam with a set of dropped spindles.
This is going to some strange area!!!

zondag 3 februari 2008

Swapmeet Mol,Belgium.

This sunday there was a swapmeet in Mol.
A small but ferry cosy meet.
Found te missing taillight for my '57 pick-up
How nice is that.
The only thing i need is a nice set of bumpers.

'62 Cabrio resto

Because of the sheetmetal around the bumperbracket a had to welded some new.
Before i welded them complete i had to place the rear fenders and decklid to testfit it all.

After a couple of hours i was happy with the way it's fitted an welded it complete.

Now i want to do the heaterchannels,but before that i need to fit the old ones still on the body on the new floor pans..

So this week a'm welding in some new floor pans.